Learn to make Money & Get Paid to Listen to Radio at the Same Time!

This is pretty wild… Marshall Silver (the entrepreneur and hypnotist) has launched an online radio station that teaches financial success. The twist… while you’re listening to them teach you how to make money, you get credit and you MAKE MONEY to do it!

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Cartoons Bring You More Real Estate Deals!

I sent these out to our mailing list and people LOVED them! It’s one of the most creative ways I have EVER seen to generate motivated seller leads, private lender leads, and more.  These are the same type of marketing pieces that the pros use, and they work, work, WORK!


find motivated sellers

Look Like a Pro!

Get them now and put them on YOUR site, post them on Craigs List or on Facebook and find deals fast!


Use them to get more biz my friend!


Your friend and fellow investor,


Nick Cifonie


PS-After you use them somewhere, send me your link so I can check them out. :)


2 Free Manuals and Online Class… Do It!

Do you find yourself reminiscing about the good ole’ days… where real estate was “easy?” If so, I want you to meet my friend Josh Cantwell. Over the last 8 years, he’s done over 650 deals… and generated over 7 mil in profit. 

But the most impressive part is… his biggest paydays are happening *right now.* He’s NOW closing from 4-6 deals a month…

And here’s the kicker… joshcantwell

These aren’t rinky-dink deals that barely pay his bills… Josh makes at least $40,000.00 profit… on almost every deal he does.

Some he makes $50,000, $75,000 even $100,000 a deal!

Better yet… he does it without using ANY of his own cash or credit… and without ever swinging a single hammer. He follows a simple 5-step formula he calls 40K Flips, and now, he’s giving us that formula for free.

You can get the step by step process by clicking here…

When you go there, you’ll discover:

*How to get qualified investors to literally beg you to fund
your deals (Regardless of your cash or credit, you’ll be able
to raise all the money you need for any deal… and still keep
the lion’s share of the profits.)

*A way to pocket $3000-7000.00 every time you “BUY” a
property (That’s right… you get paid before the deal even
closes. And then, of course there’s another 30-40K coming
your way when it sells.)

*5 methods for generating as many deals as you can handle…
without ever spending a single dime on marketing expenses
(all the hard work is done FOR YOU!)

*His proprietary “Property Launch Formula” that sells houses
in as little as 90 minutes (Simply hand this checklist over to your
realtor and then start thinking of how you’ll spend your money.)

*Why this is the ONLY real estate strategy you’ll ever need to know…
and why it’s guaranteed to work well into the future, regardless of
government regulations or what happens to the economy…

*You’ll see dozens of Real Case Studies… deals Josh and his students
have closed in the last few months (One of his students just closed a
deal for a massive $300,000.00 payday!)

*And most importantly… how you can use this same system to stuff
fat checks into your bank account… even if you have no income, credit
or experience.

It’s all going down on the free 40k flips webinar… there are a very limited number of spots available (it’s live).

So click here to reserve yours now:

Your friend and fellow investor,




Free “Ultimate You” Training!

Ultimate You Mindfest


Stimulate the proven power of your genius “inner” mind to make effort-free changes beginning Monday, January 20


Happy New Year!


Take less than an hour a day for six days in a row during an extraordinary (and free!) online event, and see how much better life can be. This is self-growth for busy people.


Your host, teacher, and master of the genius mind, Paul R. Scheele, who co-founded Learning Strategies 33 years ago, is an acclaimed expert of human performance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), accelerated learning, and pre-conscious processing. This means he knows how the human mind works, and how you can get results fast.

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Beginning January 20 you have access to these life-changing 12 audio sessions for free:


Day 1 – Succeed by Design:
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Day 3 – Believe in Yourself:
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Day 4 – Follow-through with Unwavering Consistency:
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Day 5 – Feel Great about Yourself:
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We know you’re busy. So we’re bringing you the Ultimate You Mindfest: Self-Growth for Busy People.


This is a real opportunity to be free of procrastination, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, false beliefs, and the negative influences of others.

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

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Keep it personal… notes from Dwan Bent-Twyford

This is part of an email that was sent to a mastermind I am a part of  from a  good friend in the business, Dwan Bent-Twyford… Dwan has invested full time for over 20 years. Her and her husband Bill Twyford are two of the best in the business, and if you can ever pick their brains, you’d be foolish not to!  dwan


Here’s the excerpt —-  edited a bit,  it is in response to someone who asked how to find deals in this economy…


(Start Email)

…we stayed tried and true to our real estate investing roots and core beliefs…we door knocked the entire  country, worked hand-in-hand with students and built an army of successful investors…


If you are truly an actual real estate investor who cares about the HOMEOWNERS there has NEVER  been any other way than face-to-face “situations”. These people need YOU and they need to feel respected and they need help.


Get back to basics gang…be the solution for these homeowners and you wont have to worry about leads or your business slowing down.


…..the homeowners in foreclosure are just regular people, with regular problems, with regular computers, with regular phones..who just want to see a friendly face….


just be the friendly face….


…it should take no longer than 90 seconds to qualify a homeowner as a lead and you can have someone else do that for you and then YOU work with the person personally and help them while making money for yourself..hey but what do I know..I’ve only been doing this for 20 years…




(End Email)


That’s some GREAT STUFF!  If you only read it once, take a minute NOW and read it again.  It’s priceless.




PS- I interviewed Dwan a while ago, here’s a link to listen to it. There’s a LOT of great free real estate investor training in it… check it out by clicking here ——>>>   Nick’s interview with Dwan Bent-Twyford.



One of the best ways to make money fast!

One technique I’ve touted for years is “co-wholesaling”.  It takes no investment, other people do most of the work, and it still pays big.


I recently heard about  an average Texas Investor who brought home a check for $40,942.92 of pure profit…

- while laid up in bed

- with no cash or credit in the deal

- no marketing money in the deal

- with only a couple hours putting it together

She used a simple, step by step, easy to follow system that Zac Childress put together…

Get The Details Here-

Your friend and fellow investor,


PS: This video will show you the exact steps to cashing big checks with houses you don’t own, and don’t need to buy. This is the best strategy to use if you have very little cash, no credit, or just want to create quick cash windfalls every week:



Grab Jack’s FREE Book!!

My friend Jack Bosch is releasing a brand new book called, Forever Cash.

It’s about how anyone can get rich and create lasting wealth starting from wherever they are right now. (Working full time, deep in debt, no spare time – it doesn’t matter, you can do it!)  It’s set out to his bookstore shelves across North America very soon.


But before it does, he’s GIVING AWAY 1000 copies to celebrate and to build excitement to the upcoming pre-release of the book.

I have already read it (in PDF form, way before he printed anything) and it’s really, REALLY good!

You can click here to reserve your GIFT copy of, Forever Cash!

It’s an amazing book. I got a sneak peek. And all I can say is WOW! It’ll forever change the way you think, act, and work.

It’s an entire mind shift on how the “9 to 5″ world of work and money. Jack’s philosophy is revolutionary.

All I can say is you have to check it out for yourself.

Jack is giving away 1000 copies of his new book Forever Cash
So grab yours now!

The book is free. All he asks are two things.

1. You help by covering the cost of postage and handling. That’s fair, right?
2. If you do like the book, help spread the word. Again, he’s looking to build excitement for the upcoming book launch.

Grab your copy while you can! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Your friend and fellow investor,



TGIF – Real Estate Investing Mindset

Real Estate Investing Minde SetThe Real Estate Investing Mindset is a unique one… like any business, we have our ups and downs. In this video segment of “TGIF” we talk about having the right attitude and mindset when investing in real estate.

In addition to talking about mindset and attitude, I tell a story, read a poem, show copies of a couple hundred thousand dollars in checks and more. (it’s not typically my style to show checks, but watch the video and you’ll understand why I do it) For many years I wasn’t “into” the whole positive thinking thing… I believed in it, but didn’t think it was “for me”.  I was SO wrong!

Watch this segment of TGIF by clicking here or watch this and dozens of other REI-TV segments by clicking on RE Investor TV in the menu above. Don’t make fun of my accent.

Your friend and fellow investor,





Branding Your RE Investing Company…

Yes, you need to “brand” your real estate investing company!

No, I don’t suggest you get yourself a blimp or light up a huge $ campaign to get your name in front of the general public, I always feel targeted marketing toward people who “need you now” is the best. However, once in front of people you want not only to come off as a pro and someone who can solve their problems, but you want them to REMEMBER you once you’ve met.

Brand Yourself!

Brand Yourself!

You’ll get referrals, be called back more often, and be trusted if you look like “the big guys” but give personalized service like the little ones!

I made a video teaching how we brand our company…. T-shirts, biz cards, and other cheap methods can change your image.

Click and watch the video here and brand your real estate company!



Wine and Cheese!

Do you still have a job?  Maybe another business that keeps you  busier than you want to be!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a completely  remote, virtual business that paid you even when you’re not there? That’s exactly what by friend Brian Meara did!

Free Training!

Free Training!

He created a system that allows him to live in Italy 1 month out of every quarter and still run a profitable business making him 6 figures…6 figures per month, NOT per year!! And yes, all while he’s drinking his wine and eating cheese!

He’s holding a free training where he’s giving away all of his secrets and as a member of this site, you can check it out here:

I’m not sure how long it will be up…

Your friend and fellow investor,


P.S. You need to be on this free training…you REALLY do!  Just make the time now, block it off on your calendar right now, and commit to something you really need to do.


Sub-to insurance…

Sub- To InsuranceSubject-to insurance is the topic of a past edition of “The Flippin Right Show”… I was “birdsitting” and want to introduce you to Zazoo! (he steals the show, no doubt)

In this  video segment, I talk about the right way to insure a property that you’ve either taken subject-to, or are flipping. (as a mortgage assignment) There’s a handful of different “ways” to insure a property you are buying subject-to the mortgage, and strangely enough, more than one way can “work”, but here’s the way I like to do it and feel the safest.

I’ve also made claims after having done it this way and got paid… which is the bottom line, no?  :)

You can watch the new video by clicking here!

Click above, then bookmark the page in your “subject-to education” folder, so you can come back to it when needed. There’s nothing more important than knowing you’re covered… it’s an older video but worth watching. :)

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

P.S. If you haven’t yet signed up for the new mastermind group, do it FAST, the  cost is going UP soon… it’s all a part of taking advantage of a deal when you see it, y’know?