Special Offer for REI Readers! (ONLY $19!)

We just launched a new program called “DIYLocal” and we have a killer offer for our friends in this group! (about the cost of a pizza, lol!)

The DIYLocal program was created to help small business owners who “do it themselves” to bring business to their real estate or any type of websites.

Around 6 years ago, in addition to REI we opened a digital marketing agency, and have been doing web marketing on a high level for contractors, attorneys, medical firms, etc..

Hundreds of times we’ve heard people say “no thanks, we do our own marketing”… so we created a new program JUST for those people, to show them the most simple yet EFFECTIVE tips, tricks and strats!

We’ll be raising the investment soon, as well as testing different price-points, but anyone from this group that joins during the beta offer will never pay more than $19! (crazy, right?)

Yeah, lol. I said “NINETEEN BUCKS!”

It’s my way of saying “thanks” for the years of interaction and fellowship!


If you get in now, you will NEVER pay more. In fact, it would be great to tell people about this offer and hook them up as well. The investment WILL go up, lol. (this is for this group and a few early members)

Each month we include a monthly digital magazine full of tips and tricks, two masterclass training videos, and weekly emails with the most simple and effective marketing strategies.

Or, go right to the page and JOIN NOW!



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