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Talking to Sellers… explaining the deal, objections, and more!


On this months call, we covered “How to Talk to Sellers”.  We talked about completing the seller info sheet, explaining the mortgage assignment, scripting and call guides,  the order to tell them things in, the “best worst option”, how the mortgage is more valuable than the house, and much more!

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We’ve Raised Your Commission as a Bird Dog!


On this call we discussed changes to the percentages bird dogs received as a 1EZDeal partner!  In the past bird dogs got $500 or $1000 for bringing us sellers or buyers… now you get a flat 17% of the deal!  (full partners still get 33%, bird dogs don’t handle contracts or explanations, they just talk to the buyer or seller once and pass the info along to us)

On this call we explained the changes, talk more about strategies to find deals, and much more.  As with every call, we end with an open Q&A session, where we cover whatever questions our partners have about the program.

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Selling Properties the 1EZDeal Way! (finding BUYERS!)


Listen to this recording below and learn the ins and outs of selling properties in the 1EZDeal program! No matter where you live in the nation (or even overseas!) you can help get the properties SOLD that other members have under contract… and get paid BIG to do it!

We  covered the legalities and paperwork needed to market the properties, how to find out property details like price, monthly payments and more, as well as how and where to market the properties to grab yourself a  split of the deal that can be into the THOUSANDS!  We  talked about what to say to sellers, how to explain the deal, how to extract the highest possible assignment fees out of the projects, and more.

We also discussed working with Realtors, and how much we pay them for finding us deals. (3% or 50% of our assignment fee, whichever is LESS)

Now, as other members put deals into the program, YOU can market them and get a BIG “cut” of the net profits!

TEAM = “Together Each Achieves More”, so it makes perfect sense to let all 1ezdeal members help find buyers. You can make from 17% to a full 33% of the deal, JUST for finding someone who wants the house… and it’s NOT too tough to find a buyer when they need NO credit checks and don’t have to get a mortgage!

If you find the BUYER for a property you get 33% of the assignment fee if you marketed and found them, spoke to them, and got the contract signed without us speaking to the buyer. (we’ll provide the contract when they say “I want it”)

If you “find” the buyer, but we speak to the buyer on your behalf after you’ve already given them the initial info, you get 17%, and we get 16%. (we basically split it)

There is 4-5 minutes near the beginning of the call where I had to copy and paste some info to the live page so people listening live could hear and ask questions…. the delay is short, sorry.  😛

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