1EZDeal – Talking to Sellers! (listen to the replay)

For  our “1ezdeal” partners, we just completed our monthly live call and talking to sellerscovered “How to Talk to Sellers”. (and if you’re not in the program, why not? It’s FREE!) Partners learn the business while getting whatever help they need, and make money as they do it!

On this months call, we covered “How to Talk to Sellers”.  We talked about completing the seller info sheet, explaining the mortgage assignment, scripting and call guides,  the order to tell them things in, the “best worst option”, how the mortgage is more valuable than the house, and much more!

Feel free to listen to the replay here;

Your fried and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- If you’re not officially a 1ezdal partner, go here now and get your groove on;



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