1EZDeal – We’ve Just RAISED the Split for Bird Dogs!

We’re raising the finders fee for bird dogs, as well as making the 1ezdeal program simpler than ever! No more chinsy $500 for finding deals… for now on you get a REAL split of the deal as a bird dog, and even MORE if you get the contract…

Join us LIVE this coming Saturday morning and find out the new split for bird dog deals, review techniques for finding sellers, and ask whatever questions you have about the program! We have BIG goals set for 2012 and want YOU to be a part of the team!

Our 1st 1EZDeal partner deal of the New Year has the seller under contract and the buyer in place… it will be closing soon, and we have several others in the works!  Learn how YOU can be collecting checks for finding these seller or buyers… even if WE do most of the work.  Bird dog, partner, find sellers or buyers… and cash checks.

Could you ask a seller one simple question, then pass their information on to us? 

Join us Saturday the 28th and learn or re-learn how to get involved, work with us personally, and hit your goals! You could even get more involved and earn up to 66% of the net deal… be on this important call, you do not want to miss this info.  🙂

Join us… Saturday January 28th at 8:30am Pacific, 10:30am Central and 11:30am Eastern! You can listen and participate either by phone or
online, it’s your choice.

For all the details and to attend, click here NOW!

We’ll “see you” Saturday morning!

Your friends and fellow investors,

Nick Cifonie and Matt Lohse

PS- If you’re not already involved with the 1EZDeal program and want more info, go here and get the scoop;



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