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Want to make more money part time than many make at a full time job?

Learn, serve, and prosper, finding sellers with a property that they need to sell!

Dear friend and fellow investor,

Do you have a phone and a computer?  Do you have the ability to find people in your area with houses that they’re motivated to sell, and would leave the mortgage on it to do-so? (these houses are everywhere!)

If you’re positive thinking, love making money with real estate, have a knack for talking to people, and want to work with a growing TEAM of investors with BIG PLANS… we may have a place for YOU on our team!


You Can Do This From ANYWHERE In The Country! (world?)

We’ll provide the “3 t’s”…  NO,  not toilets, tenants, and termites, but the training, tools, and team needed to work with us hand in hand as an independent member of the 1EZDeal team!  Join us as we serve the homeowners and home-seekers in our areas, and learn, serve, and prosper!

Earn either a generous bird dog fee for finding sellers then passing them on to US to contract, OR partner with us and earn up to 66% of the deal!   No dealing with Realtors, bankers or lenders… just follow the steps to find the sellers, email or give them a call, and help them solve their problem!

Listen to the recorded outline of our program below, then complete the form below to get more info, training, and access to our private virtual back office and get started.  Whether you join us full or part time, you’ll have the ability to make great money while helping others, and learning the real estate business!

“Part 1” describes the program itself… “part 2” is an open Q&A we had with the people who attended the call live…

To learn, serve, and prosper, complete the form below and join the team!