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Video – How to Make Money With Real Estate

There’s people who “make money with real estate”, then there’s people who CRUSH IT!  My friend Preston Ely is one of the folks who are “Crushing It”! Not long ago Preston had a live event that over 1,000 people attended… and they paid $3,000 each to learn how to make money with real estate… I […]


Real Estate Funding – Take From the Feds (Funding)

The feds are at it again… they’re setting aside even MORE funding for real estate investors just like us. What’s strange is the number one biggest obstacle I see with investors comes down to having enough money for their deals. Recently, I spoke with with Sean Carpenter, a fellow investor just like you and me […]


Real Estate Investing: Due Diligence

The “Due Diligence Process” is the most important step for a real estate investor or potential investor for ensuring you are choosing the right property to purchase.  Yet surprisingly, many real estate investors skip various steps of this process…and regret it later. There are four (4) distinctive stages in the due diligence process that are […]


Real Estate Terms for Canada – Canadians

Want to include Canadian real estate to your portfolio? Here’s some Canadian real estate investing terms, ay! Wondering what the acronyms CREA, MLS, or CMHC stand for? Decode the jargon and brush up on your real estate investing vocabulary with these key terms: Adjusted cost base (ACB): The value of the real property established for […]


Sean Carpenter – Let the Gov FUND Your Deals! (Sean Carpenter)

Here’s a GREAT article you’ll want to read: Sean Carpenter is the nation’s leading expert on Government Deal Funding for Real Estate Investors and Developers and has spent the last 12 years both consulting and getting funding for his own deals. I’ll be hosting a special interview with Sean coming up on Wednesday, April 13th, […]