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Finding Motivated Sellers Online

I “JUST” posted our newest Real Estate Investor TV session, and we finished up our 3 part series on finding motivated sellers. Part one talked about finding motivated sellers “manually”… driving for dollars, getting referrals, and a few other strategies. Part two taught how to use signs, ads and mailings to find motivated sellers, and […]


A NEW investing technique… & 90 days free MMM!

A few days ago I sent an email about Jack Bosch’s Hidden Tax Sale Cash technique to the “Real Estate Investor Online” family about a new (truly “new”, not the same old stuff with a new name) technique he’s using to flip properties. I grabbed Hidden Tax Sale Cash myself a few days ago to […]


Preston Ely… Trick or Treat!

Preston Ely is at it again, lol. Love him or hate him you KNOW he’s always got something “unique” going on… also love him or hate him, he’s one of THE most successful investors financially that I know. Anyway, Preston just posted a new video that may scare the bajezzers outta ya. Unfortunately it’s NOT […]


How to Find Deals – Ads, Bandit Signs, Mailings

Happy TGIF!  Here’s the continuing saga of how a real estate bird dog can find deals. (leads) Although I started this series (this is video three of four or five) with the intention of teaching bird dogs how to find investors then how to find deals, after the 1st video that shows where and how […]


Nate Kennedy Money Matrix Bonus & Review

Nate Kennedy JUST released the “Real Estate Money Matrix”…  which is being billed as  “A complete wealth building platform”.  The claim is that “The Real Estate Money Matrix gives you power, strength, confidence, and the resources you need to succeed”. (that’s from the registration page) More importantly, the fact that they either FUND or BUY […]