Types of Real Estate Deals

Welcome to our 12-steps to real estate success audio series!

Below is the series of training audios created to help real estate investors in a prior high-end coaching program get off the ground running… the module highlighted in RED is the content taught on this page… get ready to take a lot of notes, these are practical, REAL, USE-able strategies that we use daily in our business! Enjoy them with my compliments!

You’ll receive the modules in the order listed below… make sure to bookmark this page and return whenever you need a review… enjoy and prosper…


  • Getting Started, A Quick Start Guide
  • Deals Types & Lead Analysis
  • -How to Find Motivated Sellers
  • -How to Talk to Sellers By Phone
  • -Real Estate Investor Sales 101
  • -How to Run Comps & Evaluate Deals
  • -How to Conduct the In-Home Visit
  • -Estimating Repairs Costs
  • -Investor Mindset & Jedi Mind Tricks
  • -Building an Army of Deal Finders
  • -How to Get Your Properties Sold Fast!
  • -Round Robin Auctions, Sell Now!


Deal Types & Lead Analysis

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