How to Run Comps & Evaluate Deals

Welcome to our 12-steps to real estate success audio series!

Below is the series of training audios created to help investors in a past high-end coaching program get their first deals done… the module highlighted in RED is the content taught on this page… get ready to take a lot of notes! These are practical, REAL, USE-able strategies that we use daily in our business! Enjoy them with my compliments!

You’ll receive the modules in the order listed below… make sure to bookmark this page and return whenever you need a review… enjoy and prosper…


How to Run Comps & Evaluate Deals!


Here’s the lowest and MOST EFFECTIVE real estate investing lead sources I’ve found. Any of the three are around or less than $50 a month and will get you a LOT of leads. We use all three of these in our business. You may want to do what we do and get them all. (consider hiring someone to email or call them daily for you!)

By Owner Leads Daily… Get emailed ALL of the new FSBO leads in your area daily… and get the last 3 months of them as a bonus when you join. You should call, email, and mail postcards to all of them, every day! I negotiated a lower price than their “usual” fee for our members. (which was REAL low to start, lol) The first “area” has a base cost, then it’s a few dollars more for each. We got 5 areas for around $40.00. Crazy!

Nationwide Foreclosure and Other Leads… One of the lowest nationwide real estate investor lead sources we’ve found. They are always adding leads to the database, and you get something like 36,000 leads the day you join! We’ve used this service ourselves for close to 4 YEARS. You just won’t find a better, more up to date list of nationwide deals anywhere for this cheap.

Craig’s List Leads… Our newest “find” is this software that searches Craig’s List HOURLY and finds everyone selling a house (or even renting) and automatically sends them a message from you. I’ve seen these before for $400-$500 and never gave them a try until now. (because this one’s cheap for a change… and works!) You can even use it to message people who are “buying” houses and send them to a website to get on your buyers list. (and you can use for loads of things outside of real estate, so get creative!) Message every seller anywhere in the country as soon as they post.


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