7 Hour LIVE Real Estate Broadcast…

I wanted to post a quick update to my post about Dean Graziosi’s Rock Bottom Blueprint below…

Saturday the 6th, he’s doing a 7 HOUR live broadcast… he’s teaching, interviewing students, and giving a LOT of great free info. (he’s also giving away a house!)

I HIGHLY suggest that you do whatever you can to attend!  He held the first of two sessions this past Thursday, and to be perfectly frank, I loved it!  (you can “text” chat with investors all over the nation as you listen too, so come say “hi”) Anyhow, here’s the info and the link to watch and listen in:

Saturday – 11:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Central, and 2:00 PM Eastern – To attend, click here!

Also… Dean told me by email that he’s had people email him who wanted to get involved in his training but couldn’t afford it. (see my comments in the post below)  He’s already offering a payment plan, but he told me today that he’s offering an EVEN BETTER PAYMENT PLAN during the call tomorrow! I don’t know the numbers, but it sounds like you’ll be able to make lower payments over a longer period of time…

…and my offer still stands: Order through the link on THIS page, and I’ll send you a $250.00 rebate! (when Dean sends me the referral check, I’ll send it to you)  It’s the kind of guy I am, hehe.  Send me a copy of your email receipt, and I”ll hook you up…

Your friend and fellow investor,



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