About Nick Cifonie

Nick Cifonie is a long-time real estate investor, speaker, and mentor. Nick has bought and sold millions of $’s in single family homes and multi-family properties, using techniques including bird-dogging, wholesaling, lease-options, subject-to transactions, buy and holds, seller financing, retail flips, assignments, options, auctions… and has even flipped property in 48 hours on EBAY!

Nick is the current host of the popular “Real Estate Investor TV”, a fun, educational series of free real estate training videos. Nick was also the moderator for Ron LeGrand’s real estate investing forums and message boards for nearly two years, where Nick helped coach and teach Ron’s students. This is where Nick found his passion for helping and teaching real estate investing!

Nick is the loving father of 3 beautiful girls, and is married to an absolute angel, without whom none of his success could have been even remotely possible! Nick is active in his Church, coaches volleyball, collects PEZ, is an actor, singer, and is entirely addicted to online role playing and strategy games.

You are invited to learn more about Nick and his interests at his Facebook page:

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