And the winner is… MikeW!

We just finished up the first week of “REIO Football“, and we ended up with FIVE people tied for first with the most picks, lol!  (of course the highlight was watching the Bears beat the Falcons.. I was there live and got terrible sunburn on my knees!)  When there’s a tie, we go to “points” to determine the winner, and MikeW ended up winning week one, and gets a free month to the Mogul Mastermind! (send an email to reinvestoronline @ and I’ll hook you up Mike)

Don’t forget to get your picks in for week #2!

What I decided to do, so people can still join and compete for the year (and to help us all really) is edit the settings for the group so the WORST week is dropped from each player… so if you just stink it up one week, OR you joined late and missed the 1st week,  you still have a shot at the BIG PRIZE!!!  (I don’t know what is IS yet, but it’ll be groovy!)

So if you’re not in the group, STOP what you’re doing and GET IN NOW! Grab the details from the post below this one or by clicking here.  You may be the “Big Kahuna” for week two!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Don’t forget to invite your friends, there’s room for plenty more!



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