And the winner is…

Real Estate Investor WinnerWe had a GREAT time this morning on “Saturday Morning LIVE”… we talked real estate, football, business… and had a great time!

You can watch the replay by clicking here!

I promised to give a free 3 month VIP membership to one of the attendees at the end of the call, but since I couldn’t figure out a fair way to do it “live”, I had each person on the call send an email to enter.

My wife and I put the names of each person on pieces of paper, and I had her pull the names from a hat, and the winner is:

Andrew S. !  Congrats Andrew!  (I’ll send you an email with details!)

VIP members get many hours a month of training, a customized deal-finding website, (lookie) four training CD’s, priority access to us on our forums (found here) my scripts, real estate contracts, a monthly training newsletter, and more stuff that I can’t remember…

The investment for the VIP program was lowered right before the holidays from $87 per month to $47… because people needed a break before the holidays…  but it’s GOING UP SOON! Join now, and be guaranteed that you’ll NEVER pay more than $47.00 per month, as long as you remain a member!

Become the next VIP by clicking here now!


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