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How to Stage Houses for a Fast Sale!

Three years ago, houses were selling fast. Anyone could get a mortgage, and interest rates were low. Now interest rates are still low, but it’s hard to get a mortgage. So, you do have to take a little more time to sell your houses. Now, there are some types of deals that you might want […]


How to Buy With Seller Financing!

First off, there are some subliminal things you have to learn how to do. When I say subliminal, there are some basic sales tactics that work in any type of sales environment, especially in real estate. One of them is association. You have to let your sellers know that people do this. This is a […]


Overcoming Fear In Real Estate Investing

Fear and Faith are Opposite: Overcome Fear with Faith This is for anybody who has ever had fear on handling deals . Fear and faith are really the opposite and I want to delve into the psychology of investing and overcoming your fears so that you can take the steps forward that you need to. […]


Sticky: Our Article Library…

Welcome to the “Real Estate Investor Online” Library! Feel free to browse our library of real estate investing articles on an unlimited number of topics! Our articles are written by Nick, as well as many other authors and real estate trainers and teachers. Bookmark this page, and check back often, as we’re always adding new […]