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Best Places to Find Motivated Sellers

Motivated Sellers = BIG PAY DAYS. Here Are 4 Easy No BS ways to Find Motivated Sellers in your Marketplace! There are a lot of things that can turn a happy property owner into a disgruntled property owner. It might be the pipes bursting or the endless amount of repairs it seems to require to […]


Being a Real Estate Bird Dog

A bird dog is someone who locates a good real estate investment deal. They put the property under contract with the purpose of assigning that contract for a fee, to an investor. The investor would then repair this distressed property and resell it. Being a bird dog, without a doubt, is a creative decision that […]


How to Pick the Right Mortgage Company

Getting any loan closed these days is hard all by itself. If you should happen to chose a mortgage company or a loan officer that doesn’t know what they are doing, closing your loan just got ten times harder. So here are a few tricks and tips that can help you pick the right one […]


Bird Dogs – The Lazy Man’s Way to Get Rich As a Real Estate Investor

The only way to succeed as a real estate investor is to buy properties at the right price. Right price usually entails buying properties for way below market value. This allows you to have a profit when you sale plus you get the appreciation in the property value during the time you hold the property. […]