7 Reasons Why Motivated Sellers Sell

Motivated SellersThe 7 reasons why a seller would be happy for you to structure a sandwich lease option with their property include: 1. The seller is in a negative equity position and the property cannot be sold conventionally on the open market because it is worth less than the amount the seller owes the bank. 2. The seller is facing financial difficulties and or is facing repossession proceedings. In this situation, if the seller can get out without being repossessed then it is in his interests to sell to you via lease option. 3. Seller has lost his job. In this circumstance the seller will be unable to continue paying his mortgage payments. If you could step in and pay his payments for him then will solve his problem and prevent him from being repossessed. 4. Seller is a frustrated landlord. In the last 5 years many people decided to buy investment property and then realised that they had mistake because they were unable to deal with tenants effectively. Investors also got carried away buying the wrong types of properties, in many cases investors bought cash-flow negative properties. 5. Seller may have inherited a property that is struggling to sell on the open market. It may be in an un-mortgagable condition which means it can only be bought by a cash buyer. 6. Seller may have relocated and left the property with an estate agent. Months may have passed and the property is still unsold. 7. Seller has been trying to sell the property on the open market for months and months but has failed to attract a buyer. This might be because of an optimistic asking price, condition of the property or because of the area the property is in. In many of the above situations the seller may not need any money from the sale property. The property may not even have that much equity. The real key to doing sandwich lease options successfully is to find a motivated seller. Motivated sellers are flexible and therefore perfect for sandwich lease option transactions. In cases where the seller requires just a few thousand pounds, the deal can be structured in a way that this money would come from the tenant buyer’s deposit.
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