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Real estate business is a complex business, but it does offer a greater chance of quick real wealth than other investment businesses out there. In real estate, you have the option of selling your investment for quick profit and you have also the option of keeping your property and have it for renting. But for most investors, they want their properties for rental before finally deciding to sell them as the value of real estate properties go up almost every year. It’s a great investment, don’t you think?

Renting out your home property
You don’t have to sell your home in order for you to afford a new one. The point here is, you can buy a new home not selling the existing one. By having it for rent will do more good to you than letting go of it. Take this step and you will be on your way to making quick real wealth with your assets.

With your existing home property, getting a loan from banks will not be a problem as long as you have enough equity to minimize their risk, they will be happy to let you loan for a new home. They will assess the total value of the old property and of the new one. Usually, they lend utmost 80% of the total value of the new home property. You might think this is a great deal for you, right? It is. Indeed it is a great deal as a loaner. But it is also a great deal for the banks. They will lend you money to buy a new home, they will keep your business, but if things don’t turn out well for you and your business, the bank has the right to choose which of the two homes they will sell to be able to cope up with their loss. They money they gave you.

This is a very risky situation for you. You risk losing your old home and the emotional effects that you will experience. But if things turned out well, if things turned out just the way you wanted them to, you will end up having two home properties which means you have two sources of passive income! When you are in this situation, you are one step away from achieving a life of financially abundance and peace of mind; a life that everyone is working hard to achieve.

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