Bird Dogs – The Lazy Man’s Way to Get Rich As a Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Bird DogThe only way to succeed as a real estate investor is to buy properties at the right price. Right price usually entails buying properties for way below market value. This allows you to have a profit when you sale plus you get the appreciation in the property value during the time you hold the property. Finding these rare gems that are way below market value can be a very challenging process. It involves driving around neighborhoods and finding properties that are at a discounted price. If you do not want to spend the time needed to find the properties yourself, you can hire a bird dog to do the work for you.

A bird dog is the term used to describe a person that will find a property that can be purchased at a discounted price. They will spend time every day driving through neighborhoods. They look for houses that appear to be deserted or in need of repairs. Property owners that let their property go into disrepair are usually a good place to find gems since these owners want to get rid of the property. Once they find a potential property, they collect the information and pass it on to the real estate investor.

The investor will then try to contact the owners. Once they have made contact, the investor will view the property and decide if the property meets their investing criteria. Every investor has their own set of criteria. If the property meets your requirement, then you can put in an offer on the property.

Using a bird dog will allow you to spend your time on trying to close the deals that you have. The best use of a time for any investor is in a process that allows them to make a profit. Spending hours each day driving around neighborhoods is not a profitable strategy for any investor. Instead hire a bird dog and train them on your requirements. The bird dog will go out and find properties that you can purchase at below market value.

More millionaires made their fortune as real estate investors. This is just one method to use to invest in real estate. Regardless of the method that you use to build your fortune in real estate, you need a solid business plan to use as your road map to success. You can purchase the business plan I used to build a multi million dollar real estate business.

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