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Securing Your Future With Real Estate Investment

Putting your money into real estate investment is one of the best wealth creation strategies that endures regardless of the economic climate. Often compared to shares of stock, real estate offers real advantages that help investors sleep soundly at night. Capital growth: The goal of investing is generally to earn passive income from property and […]


Start Right When Investing in Real Estate

The present economic instability is one big factor that pushes many to look for other ways to earn significant amount of money. Times are really difficult nowadays but you would really be glad that people are really determined not to be frustrated easily but instead find more lucrative ways to gain extra money to supply […]


The Return of the Investment Property

The headline reads 1,000,000 homes will go into foreclosure this year, sincerely it’s horribly sad. Unless of course you’re a landlord, sitting with a vacancy, because it that case it reads a little different. The headline then reads, US Economy Creates 1,000,000 New Tenants. The perfect storm has brought back the viability of rental property, […]


How Do I Get Into Commercial Real Estate Investing?

Know the Real Score of Commercial Real Estate Investing First of all, commercial investing is not as hard as people think. There seems to be a stigma surrounding commercial investing. People think it’s the big glass 100 million dollar buildings downtown. Sure, it is, but it’s not always that. There are many different kinds of […]


Tenant Management – Iron Fist & Velvet Glove

There are a couple of different types of real estate niches that would have you with tenants. One would be long-term buys and holds, in which you buy property and put tenants in them. The other would be when you are buying properties subject-to. I’m going to give you a chance to  learn from my […]