Don’t Quit!

I want to share something that you “old-timers” might remember. Remember the old Timex watches? When we were kids, the big campaign was “Takes A Lickin, But Keeps on Tickin”.

It’s a good time to be in real estate, as long as you change your tactics. There are a lot of investors getting out of investing right now because they are trying to invest using old methods. They are doing what was taught 5 years ago, in the heyday when it was so easy to sell a house, find a buyer, and get people financed. It’s not like that anymore!

Sometimes you see successful people and they are so successful and you wonder, “What makes me different from him? Why is he doing 6 deals a month? Why is he making the big money, when I’ve been out here struggling?” It took me a year before I got my first deal closed.

There is only a little teeny tiny difference between successful and non-successful people. The difference is that the successful people don’t quit and they keep on going. Think about it. If you put a successful and non-successful guy right next to each other, they look pretty much the same. We have the same amount of hours in a week. We have brown hair or we are bald, we’re short or we’re tall, we’re fat or we’re thin.

There’s really not much difference between successful people and unsuccessful people, except successful people have oodles of money, they have the big bucks!

The Only Time you Fail in this Business is When you Quit!
You wonder why. It’s because they kept on going when things got tough. They didn’t listen to people that were telling them that they can’t do it. They didn’t listen to people that told them it didn’t work.

When you first decided to get into investing, I bet you that half or more of the people you told, especially the people you are close to, told you it wouldn’t work, and that you should get a real job. Everybody “knows” someone who lost their butt in real estate, right? You hear the stories and I heard the stories too, from relatives. Don’t listen to outside people.

Look at the people that are successful and keep on going. The ones that make it work just a little bit harder, maybe they did just a little bit more, that extra 2%, that extra 5%, that extra 10%. If you don’t give up on yourself, it will make you rich. That’s the difference. Don’t give up on yourself.

Almost all investors struggle. We all do. I was in the business close to a year before I got a deal done. I just refused to give up. My Wife and other people told me to give up. It made perfect sense to give up, but I wouldn’t. The difference is, is that I was too stubborn to quit. The only time you fail in this business is when you quit.

Keep on Making Offers. Don’t Quit!

You know, the successful people, you don’t hear about them. They don’t tell you all about their trials and tribulations. You look at them driving those fancy cars, living in those big houses, and traveling all over the world. They didn’t just get there by magic. They worked for it, and they didn’t quit.

What’s the alternative? Work for 40 years for 40 hours a week and retire with a Kool-Aid party sometime in the future? Don’t quit folks. I don’t care how tough it’s been or how much money you’ve spent. Keep on plugging. And if you are doing this business smart, you shouldn’t be spending a lot of money!

You should be putting in your time, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this business right. If you think you have spent too much money, you have been trained by the wrong people. So, if you are investing, keep on making offers. Don’t Quit!

Keep Hanging
Keep hanging in there because the alternative is working for someone else for the rest of your life. You are either working for yourself and making yourself rich or happy, and coming and going as you please. Or, you are working for someone else and making them rich.

There are very few industries where you can write your own ticket. It works if you are a famous actor, a great athlete, or writer. There are niches that you can work for someone else and make a boatload, but there’s not a lot. Now, when I say “boatload”, I don’t mean to get a good job and make $80,000 or $90,000 a year. I mean $100,000 a MONTH money. You are not going to make that working for someone else. It’s not going to happen!

Don’t Quit!

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