Finding Motivated Sellers FOR FREE! Driving/Dialing For Dollars

A lot of new investors hit a road block when starting out, because they think make money in real estatethey need money for marketing to find motivated sellers. This is one thing most Gurus and REI Training programs don’t tell you when they say you can make money in real estate with no money down and no credit!

The fact is you do need money for most marketing, but there is one very productive and useful strategy you can use that will cost you next to nothing. Maybe some money for gas and stamps. It’s called the Driving/Dialing for Dollars method. This is where you drive the neighborhoods of areas you are targeting to find properties and motivated sellers. You want to look for run down vacant homes that are ugly and need work. These homes usually look like they are in major need of repairs, have overgrown grass in the yard, boarded up windows, phone books laying at their door step and lots of mail hanging/falling out of their mailbox.

Write down the addresses of these houses, so you can go back home and do some research to find out who the owner is and then send them a letter letting them know you are interested in buying their property. Most of the owner’s of these ugly vacant houses ended up in a situation where they just couldn’t afford to care for the home anymore and never even thought about selling it in it’s current condition. You could really be helping someone out of a bind by buying their ugly vacant house, and making it a win-win for everyone.

While you are out driving looking for vacant homes, you also want to call any for rent signs you see as well. You are not calling to get information on the rental price, you are calling to see if the seller is interested in selling the property. A lot of homeowners get stuck with properties they don’t want or can’t sell and end up renting them out. You might also just happen to call a tired landlord who just evicted his 10th tenant in the last 2 years and is tired of the whole landlord game. These are definitely motivated sellers who you could strike a good deal with.

The other good thing here is if they aren’t interested in selling, you can strike up a small conversation and ask them if they are looking to pick up any more properties. You would simply tell them you find a lot of good deals on a consistent basis (more than you can handle yourself) and ask them if it’s alright if you can call them when something comes up that meets their criteria. Get their number and contact info and you just got yourself another proven buyer on your list!

There was even an instance when I was driving around and I called a for rent sign and found a motivated seller I was able to strike a deal with. I then wholesaled that property to another landlord I called off a for rent sign that same day that owned a property a couple blocks away for a $4000 profit. It really can be that easy!!

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Larry F.
The Flip Kid

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