How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, you either ARE an investor, or want to get started investing in Real Estate, but SO many people, say SO many things… some is great advice, and some is “garbage”, so I’m going to try and get you off on the right foot!

There’s NO doubt about it… if you want to learn this business, you need to INVEST. The question… is “what” do I have to invest? No, it does “not” have to be MONEY!

As a new or beginning investor looking to make money fast with a real estate deal, you have to be educated, but there’s “More Than One Way to Skin a Cat”. (or flip a house!) If you have the financial resources, there’s nothing wrong with spending a few hundred for a program, paying a few thousand bucks and going to a bootcamp, or even spending bigger money to get an experienced real estate investing coach.

But the truth, is most rookie investors couldn’t even come CLOSE to forking out that kind of “jack”! I certainly know I couldn’t, when I got started! So how “do” you get started in real estate investing then?

You have to invest either TIME, or MONEY, to become a creative real estate investor!

But before you do, decide what “niche” of investing you want to invest in! Do you want to be a house wholesaler? Want to learn how to do short sales? Are you into subject-to buying? Are you handy, and love to renovate or “rehab” houses? There’s dozens… or possibly hundreds of ways to earn and make money with creative real estate investing… even as a beginner!

Once you’ve “done your homework”, and know what type of investor you want to be “when you grow up”, then it’s time to get educated! If you have money to spend, get a GOOD training program from a good real estate trainer. For $300-$1000 you can get a program consisting of CD’s, DVD’s, manual, books, and other tools.

If you have more to spend, you can attend a live “real estate bootcamp”, where for 2-5 days you can be personally trained. Even higher up the ladder, and more expensive, you can hire a coach, or real estate mentor.

If you’re like I was when I started in real estate investing (WAY in debt) you can start by reading everything on the web you can find about your niche.

Yes, at some point you’ll HAVE to spend some money to learn this business, but it can be kept to a bare minimum, and it shouldn’t “break the bank”. Save your pennies, and start off with a $300-$500 program. “It’s hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch!”

Don’t be in a hurry… start carefully, and consider making $500-$600 by finding a “seasoned” investor a deal, and getting paid for it, as a “bird dog”. Put the money towards a $500-$800 training program, and do ONE deal. Put that money into a bootcamp or real estate investor seminar, and get the training you need. Good luck!

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