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Flipping houses

Flipping houses in real estate investing

In the investment world, flipping houses has become one of the major aspects of the real estate industry today. No matter what you’ve heard about flipping houses, there is profit in this business model if you are willing to put in the work to make it happen. It is not always a simple buy and resell; often there are renovations to be made to the home in order to ensure a sale and of course the profit to go with it. In order to make this business model work for you there are several techniques we need to show you.

There is really nothing more important than a home inspection when it comes to flipping a home. Just because you find a great deal on the market doesn’t mean there aren’t serious problems somewhere underneath the surface an untrained eye wouldn’t see. How this process generally works is if you are interested in a home, put an offer on it conditional based on the results of your home inspection; this gives you the opportunity to find out everything about the home before purchasing. Although some people have no problems conducting the inspection after the sale it is a bit risky, especially if you are not a seasoned real estate investor.

The inspection will help you see what type of fixes and renovations need to be done before you can put this home back on the market. Once the major items have been revealed by the inspector it should be a calculated decision that is made to decide whether to then go ahead with this purchase. If you’ve decided to take the plunge the next step on your list should be to go from room to room taking notes. This means everything from water stains on the floor or ceilings, outdated light fixtures, faulty electrical sockets, dented closet doors, stained carpets, etc. Every little detail counts when you are flipping a home and these little details are often missed by first timers.

Of course there is nothing better than a real estate investor who is also a handy man; this can greatly cut your costs if you can do the majority of the renovations yourself. If you are not handy than finding an affordable construction team or handy man is an essential part of your business model. In terms of painting and smaller fixes this of course can be done by anyone and is always cost saving. Once the inside is done, don’t forget to consider the curb appeal. Many people neglect this aspect of home selling and it can hurt their chances of a sale.

One of the major aspects of real estate has to do with exterior previews and if a potential buyer drives by your home and sees no gardens and a broken down porch they aren’t going to be excited to attend the open house. Utilize landscape designers for planting and garden designs; it is amazing how much a few bushes and rocks can do for a front yard.

With all these tips in mind you are ready to head out and flip for your first house!

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