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All About Flipping Properties

Just like in the stock market where investors and traders buy and sell stocks for profit, real estate flippers acquire properties in the hopes of quickly selling them at a much higher price after doing minimal upgrades and repairs. The flipper’s main objective is to buy the property at the lowest possible price, normally below […]


Rehabbing Houses: Some Tips To Unleashing Huge Profits

Rehabbing houses is one of the greatest inventions in the real estate world. Whoever thought of this in the first place must have been an absolute genius. Rehabbing is simply buying a house that needs some repair ‘a fixer upper’, doing the work on it and then selling it at current market value for a […]


Learn How to Rehab a House From An Expert Like Than Merrill

There is currently an abundance of homes on the market that are in need of rehabbing. People who lost their homes in the mortgage crisis often left their homes in disrepair, and these homes are now available at highly discounted prices. Whether you are looking at homes that have been stripped of appliances, homes that […]