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How to Finance Your Real Estate Investments

Real estate investment is a good way for building wealth. There are many advantages of investing in real estate: portfolio diversification, stable cash inflows, and future appreciation. However, you do not want to use cash to buy houses even you have a full bank account. You may want to use other people’s money to finance […]


How Does Real Estate Investment Software Make You Money?

Real estate investment software can make money for any agent or investor engaged in real estate investing. First, because it significantly reduces the amount of time it would take for anyone to create a rental property cash flow analysis or marketing package manually. You benefit because the software calculates all the cash flows and key […]


How to Make a Wholesale Offer

First off, we are going to talk about wholesale real estate deals. Wholesale deals are where people first cut their teeth in this business, because they are the simplest deals… Basically, you find a deal and get some comps on the property. You will find out what other houses have sold for in the same […]