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The Biggest Mistake With Wholesaling Houses

Wholesaling can mean two things depending where you stand. It could mean buying in bulk and selling at a relatively low price compared to retailers. There are also those who buy in bulk, keep them until prices go sky high. You call that hoarding? Sorry but that is not the case. Hoarding applies only for […]


How to Wholesale Houses For Quick Profits

Wholesaling houses is without a doubt one of the easiest strategies in real estate, but it can be hard to understand the process when you are first starting out. I love to wholesale houses. You can make quick cash with no risk, no credit, and either no money down or very little money down. I […]


5 Essential Elements of Wholesaling Houses

Wholesaling houses requires a lot of time and determination from real estate investors who delve into this kind of business. Also called flipping, this type of real estate investing is not based purely on these qualities. There are elements that an investor needs to have in order to close a deal. Here are five of […]


A Buyer’s List – The Key to Wholesaling Houses

Real estate investing methods such as wholesaling houses are popular choices for many people who want to get rich and be successful in the industry. Despite its popularity, not all investors become successful in closing deals and learning the thing that they must learn in order to survive the business. One of the reasons behind […]


How To Build A Buyers List

There‚Äôs nothing in the real estate business that is better than getting a house under contract by sending out one e-mail or making a few phone calls and having that house sold in a few hours or a day or two. There are different types of buyers lists that you might want to build. There […]