Understanding Your Lease As a Tenant

understanding your lease

Most of the problems between a renter and a landlord is the lack of communicating with each other and allowing everything said to become personal. Main thing that a landlord is looking for in a renter is someone who will pay their rent on time, will not destroy their property, put your garbage into the proper disposal place, and not to have extra people living in your house that is not on the lease, so remember to abide by those simple rules than when you need your landlord to fix or help you with something you will have their attention.

I think one of the most important things that a renter should be aware of is the Lease. Make for sure that when you are signing a lease that you have read it word for word and that if you do not understand what it means to have the person in charge of having you sign the lease explain it to you and if you do not think what you read and what they explained to you is accurate, than hire an attorney to explain what the lease is requiring you to do. If renter’s would take that extra time in the beginning to have someone explain what they are agreeing to in the lease it would make life easier for both parties involved. Also remember if there is anything you don’t like in the lease or you think something else should be added to the lease then go back to the landlord before signing with the changes and see if they will agree to the new changes in the lease, like:

Who is responsible for paying the electricity, gas, and water bill?
Who is going to do the repairs and cleaning?
Can you have a pet and do you get the security deposit back on a pet?
How much is the fee for late payments?
Who is going to mow the yard, trim the bushes, and remove the snow?

Normally this process will get you and the landlord a chance to communicate about what concerns you have, and they will gain them some information about your concerns and desires of being their tenant. Remember that when you sign a lease it is a binding contract between you and the landlord and you cannot say in court that you did not understand what you were signing, so please make sure you that you understand the lease before signing the lease.

If you are an active-duty member of any of the armed forces you can end your lease in 15 day period if:

You were ordered to live in a government-supplied facility.
You were discharged or released from active duty.
You receive temporary duty orders to a station at least 25 miles away for 90 days or more.
You received permanent change of station.

If any of the above conditions happened, then you are entitled to a full refund of the security deposit if other lease provisions have been met. If you are in the military be sure to read up on the Service Members Civil Relief Act.

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