Real Estate Sales Techniques… get more deals!

First off, there are some subliminal things you have to learn how to do.  When I say subliminal, there are some basic sales tactics that work in any type of sales environment, especially in real estate.

One of them is association.  You have to let your sellers know that people do this.  This is a regular thing.  It’s not this big unheard of thing for someone to sell with seller financing.  If you have done this in the past, talk about this.  Mention about doing this in the past.  People also want to do what other people do.  If they know other people are doing it, they will feel good about doing it.  Let the seller know that people do this all of the time, lots of people do it, then they will be more likely to do it. Unfortunately, we have a herd mentality.  A lot of times we have to see that someone else did something first, then we have permission to do it.

Also, you want to have some fear of loss, indirectly, in the tone of your voice.  You want to make it sound like this is the only way you can do this deal.  In a lot of cases, this is the truth, so you’re not lying to anybody.  Let them know that. Be indifferent about it.  You have to have an attitude about you that there are other houses you can buy, especially in this market.  Make them feel that they are going to lose something if they don’t go ahead with the sale with you.

Just watch the video below to know more on how to talk to sellers in real estate investing with seller financing.

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