The Bionic Bird Dog, Not Your Father’s Bird Dog!

Calling this a “bird dog program” isn’t giving it enough credit!

bird_dogOur new bird dog program motto is “Learn, Serve, and Profit!  We launched yesterday our newest partner program… and are looking for people NATIONWIDE to partner with.

If you can “bird dog” or find deals and talk to sellers, you’ll get 25% of the deal for doing so!  Got a phone and email address?  Let’s work together.

I’m looking for a small group of bird dogs, house scouts… oh heck, GOOD people ANYWHERE in the country, to work with us contacting sellers and explaining our short sale and our lease option programs to.  We’ll teach you to find the right sellers, tell you what to say and how to say it, and pay you 25% of the deals when they close…

You DON’T have to find the buyers, DON’T negotiate short sales, DON’T travel, look at houses, hang signs, sign contracts, deal with Realtors… you just find and secure the deal, and WE do the rest!

It’s too much to explain here, so we recorded a full explanation of how the program works… and you can listen to it NOW… by clicking here!

Get involved, and let’s work together.


PS- You can ALSO work with me two other ways… one, by telling your friends about our VIP program (and getting HALF of their monthly payment) or by funding rehab deals too!  See more about those programs by clicking here.


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