Branding Your RE Investing Company…

Yes, you need to “brand” your real estate investing company!

No, I don’t suggest you get yourself a blimp or light up a huge $ campaign to get your name in front of the general public, I always feel targeted marketing toward people who “need you now” is the best. However, once in front of people you want not only to come off as a pro and someone who can solve their problems, but you want them to REMEMBER you once you’ve met.

Brand Yourself!

Brand Yourself!

You’ll get referrals, be called back more often, and be trusted if you look like “the big guys” but give personalized service like the little ones!

I made a video teaching how we brand our company…. T-shirts, biz cards, and other cheap methods can change your image.

Click and watch the video here and brand your real estate company!



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