Cash for gold “scam”?

gold or scamHave you seen the commercial with Ed McMahon and Mc Hammer selling all their gold to some company? It was a Super Bowl commercial.

You know who can afford to pay 3.5 million dollars for 30 second Super Bowl ads? Companies like Cash4Gold that make over 100 million dollars a year. America is sending this company all their gold, and it’s being sold for 9 to 18% of its true value.

So here’s my question to you … why not have them send YOU and ME all their gold instead?

Click and watch this short video to have America Send You Their Gold instead!

You know, some people are saying Cash4Gold is a scam…. but they were saying the exact same thing about “Cash for Houses” during the housing boom! I actually agree that paying 9% to 18% for gold isn’t the best idea. Why not pay a little more than that and have your customers actually like you at the end of the day?

Why not pay a little more than that, and have them send it to YOU instead of Cash4Gold?

“But I don’t have money to buy people’s gold.”

Here’s the beauty of it … unlike some investments where you have to go hunt down a buyer and hope for a good profit margin, you have a guaranteed buyer at a guaranteed price for gold … the “Refiner”. You see, refiners will pay anywhere from 90 to 98% of market price for gold. You’re simply the middle man between them and people who don’t know they exist (and don’t care to know).

The best part is they’ll pay you that 90-98% in cash or gold bars. Are the lights starting to go on yet? Let me lay this all out for you as simply as I know how…   a LARGE percentage of Americans are out of work right now, and this will double very soon. They are desperate for
cash. They aren’t aware that their gold nameplate from high school will pay their mortgage this month.

– Refiners will pay almost $1,650 an ounce for this gold.

– There is currently a little-known opportunity for you to step in the middle of this and make a ton of cash (and gold).

And there are ways, as we have seen with Cash4Gold, to ramp this up into a very big business.

An investor friend of mine recently met someone who did over a million dollars in business doing this exact same thing. I want you to meet him. His name is Matt and he’s only 24 years old, but he is on to something here. He’s going to teach you exactly how to do all this.

Click and watch the video above, you’ll see what I mean.  It’s pretty cool really… who said the only thing we should be flipping is houses?!

Your friend and fellow investor,


PS- I don’t know how long he’s leaving the video up, I think until next Tuesday. Here’s the link again in case the clicky one above above doesn’t work:

PPS-  there are only certain refiners you want to work with. Matt will tell you which ones.


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