Cheap Real Estate Investor Leads… FSBO, Foreclosure & More

I always get asked “how do I find cheap real estate investor leads“?

Until you learn to market, your business will never run at the highest level because you won’t have all the real estate investor leads you need. Here’s a GREAT source of FSBO leads, but you’ll also find foreclosure leads, bankruptcy leads, and more.

Once you have substantial $ coming in you can leverage online techniques like pay per click (ppc) and pay per view (ppv) as well as mailings, radio, and SO much more to get your investor leads.  You can even hire a marketing pro or company to do it FOR you! Until then, you need leverage as well as low cost lead sources…

Here’s the lowest and MOST EFFECTIVE real estate investing lead source I’ve found. It’s less than $50 a month and will get you a LOT of leads. We use this in our business daily. You may want to do what we do and get all of the counties near you! (consider hiring someone to email or call them daily for you… or if you’re unable to hire, call them yourself!)

By Owner Leads Daily… Get ALL of the new FSBO leads in your area daily… and get the last 3 months of them as a bonus when you join. This is a list that will be emailed to you DAILY of EVERY property that goes up for sale by owner in your area. It just doesn’t get cheaper or easier… and these leads are great for lease option deals too!

You should call, email, and mail postcards to all of them, every day! I negotiated a lower price than their “usual” fee for our members. (which was REAL low to start, lol) The first “area” has a base cost, then it’s a few dollars more for each. We got 5 areas for around $40.00. Crazy!

I highly suggest you grab this tool NOW. It’s less time and hassle than hanging bandit signs, easier than cold calling, and absolutely targets the people you’re looking for!

In addition, click here for an interview I did for Nate Kennedy…  “How to Find Leads for Under $50 a Month”… it’s a great chat and will help a lot!

CALLING this list is very effective. Second best is sending them an email (or better yet, a letter or postcard) then calling them immediately when they reply…

Have fun!




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