Dean Graziosi – Rock Bottom Blueprint (review and bonus)

Dean Graziosi – Rock Bottom BlueprintDean Graziosi – Rock Bottom Blueprint (review and bonus)

Dean Graziosi just released his “Rock Bottom Blueprint”, a cutting edge real estate investing training program… but unfortunately most investors (that need it) won’t be getting it…

First, let me tell you a story…  one that you can probably relate to. If you’ve ever watched late night TV you’ve likely seen Dean Graziosi selling his real estate program on an infomercial.  To say Dean’s “enthusiastic” is an understatement, lol. He reminded me of  a guy I saw when I was a kid who pitched “tiny ads” in newspapers nationwide.

To be perfectly blunt, I thought Dean was a flake. I thought he was a fast-talking pitch man who didn’t have a real clue about real estate…

I couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, a few months ago Dean was at an event I was at, and (surprisingly) he bought me lunch.  There was only a few of us, and as you’d imagine, the conversation turned to real estate and we all had grilling questions for “Dean Graziosi”.  I poked and prodded, and tried to prove to myself that he was nothing more than a “pretty face” and tomorrow could be selling sham-wa’s, indoor cookers, or whatever… but sadly, I couldn’t.

Dean talked about the deals he was doing, the team he had put together, and the techniques he used… and I WAS LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY!

I was shocked at how “real” he was, how down to earth, and more than anything, how much he knew about the real estate business!  He literally “schooled me” and taught me things I had never thought of.  Yeah, I knew the techniques, but the “way” he was doing them was somewhat different, and he had an uncanny way of teaching… one that was easy to understand and take action on.

To say “I was converted” is an understatement…

Anyhow, he’s just released his “Rock Bottom Blueprint”, and I am just as “sold” on the program as I was on Dean Graziosi himself.  It’s not your typical real estate training program, in the way that most pick one technique and teach you the steps. The Rock Bottom Blueprint shows you multiple ways to do deals, how to find the deals, close the deals, build your team… it covers it all, everything you need to learn this business, in a way that only Dean can teach it.

Click here to checkout the program!

I truly believe someone that grabs this will not need anything else in the way of training. (as long as they put in the effort to learn the materials, of course)

However, like I said above, it’s not going to be within reach for many of the  investors that NEED this program, only due to the price… it’s not cheap.

Having said that, Dean has (thank goodness) put a payment program on it that will allow most investors who are truly serious about their careers to get their hands on it one way or another… so some will profit from the program and put cash in their pockets before any real payments even come due. (and he guarantees everything as well)

If you can swing it, and are serious about making it big in real estate, I highly endorse Dean’s newest program. In fact, if you take advantage and grab it through the link above/below, I’ll try to ease your burden by sending you $250.00.  I get a “referral fee” from Dean if you get it through my link, and I’ll send you the check to make it a little easier on you as well.   🙂

Grab Dean’s program here and I’ll send you $250.00!

It’s the kind of guy I am, lol.  🙂

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Even if you know you can’t grab the course, go watch the video… you’ll learn something.  🙂

PPS- To get the rebate, email your receipt to reinvestoronline “at” . Program MUST be ordered through the link above, and rebate will be sent after program is paid for in full and Dean sends it to me first.




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