Finding Motivated Sellers Online

motivated sellers onlineI “JUST” posted our newest Real Estate Investor TV session, and we finished up our 3 part series on finding motivated sellers.

Part one talked about finding motivated sellers “manually”… driving for dollars, getting referrals, and a few other strategies. Part two taught how to use signs, ads and mailings to find motivated sellers, and part three was finding motivated sellers using the internet.

Most of the techniques are either free or very inexpensive…. less than $50 a month.  Once you have leads coming in on a regular basis, you’ll always have deals in the pipeline as long as you’re consistent.  Click here now to watch part 3 of this video series! (you can also watch part one here and part two here)

With these three sessions, there’s NO reason to say “I can’t find any deals”… get off your “can’t” and on your “can”!!

Your friend and fellow investor,



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