Following P.T. Barnum

So you’ve got a few books, found a mentor, or at least someone to give you some help, and dove into this “circus” of real estate investing!  True, a circus it can sometimes be… but with much higher rewards than stuffing yourself into a Volkswagon with 27 other masked faces!

You’ll soon be lured by vendors selling all kinds of goodies… not of the popcorn and cotton candy type, but ones hawking products, programs, bootcamps… most of which have such creative pitches of “easy wealth”,  “push button success”, and other promises of profits and glory.

If you’re wise, you’ll take a solid look at the offers, but be cautious that you don’t fall into the trap of believing that there’s a “I Win” button out there… there’s no “magic button” that will have you pouring thousands into your bank account weekly, just by “following a few simple steps”!

YES! You should be investing in yourself and your real estate education.  It’s much easier to learn from other people’s mistakes than to make them yourself.  You can cut ginormous amounts of time from your learning curve by grabbing a training program or attending a bootcamp, not to mention the mistakes (and financial losses) you might NOT make if you let someone guide you… but realize the efforts still have to come from inside of YOU!

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