Are you ready for some football!??

Ready to Kick FootballAre you ready for some football!?? (the kind with quarterbacks, not goalies for the Aussie/Euros)

Come on ladies and gents… even our friends from outside of the U.S. — join us in REIO Football!  We’ll  have a lot of fun, & you might even win!  Are you up for some friendly competition? (you know you are!)

Each week, you go to the website and click who you feel will win each pro game, (go Bears) and the website tallies and tracks the winners! It takes a few minutes a week and it’s a great time! (and it’s FREE!)

Some weeks we’ll have a prize for whoever picks the most “wins”, and there will be a grand prize at the end of the season for the grand winner. This FIRST week, whoever picks the most winners gets a FREE MONTH dues in our “Mogul Mastermind”, so you do not want to miss out! (that’s a free month if you’re not a member already, and a rebate if you are!)

Click HERE NOW and pick your winners…  all you need to do is create a Yahoo account (you may already have one) enter our group ID# and password, and you’re “in”… bragging rights, weekly fun, and prizes some weeks “to-boot”!

Our group ID # is – 52880 (enter this on the RIGHT side of the page, NOT on the left where it says “public group”)

You’ll need a password to join the group after you sign up… the PW is: doadeal .

Tell your friends as well… this makes EVERY game fun to watch besides your “favorites”, so it gives you hope, which is especially needed if your favorite team is Detroit.

Are YOU ready for some FOOTBALL!??


PS- It doesn’t matter if you join after the season starts, each week starts over, so come on down!



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