The State of the Foreclosure Market in 2012

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Up to 9 million homes may enter foreclosure in 2012, versus one million in a typical year. This will send shock-waves through the stock markets and world economy. It may well be the “dark ages” for homeowners and lenders alike…and the wave of mortgage re-sets will continue in a relentless onslaught…with no mercy! This can equate to 500 billion in lender losses…

Check out this chart from a huge Euro Bank that shows when the resets are happening for all the exotic mortgages:

As you can clearly see, we are entering the last (HUGE) wave of foreclosures right now. All of these resets will cause foreclosures in 2012, especially in the high-end home market.

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The ARM’s, Option ARM’s, Subprime and Alt-A will be the main casualties – but the contagion will spread into the primeclasses too!

The “Too Big to Fail” banks are under the gun for the shady practice of “robo-signing,” which covers a wide range of foreclosure paperwork abuses. This serious “mess” has launched massive legal probes around the country, including an investigation led by an angry hive of state attorney generals which reportedly could end up costing banks upward of $20 billion in settlements to ripped-off foreclosed home-owners.

The big lenders will be in the “hurt locker” and desperately seeking investors willing take distressed residential and commercial properties off their books…as soon as possible!

As you know, 60% of all Option ARM and ALT-A mortgages that were originated in the “Sand States” -California, Nevada,Arizona, and Florida began to adjust in 2009. And I’ve got news for you… it’s not over yet by a long shot!!

In 2012, it’s going to go through the roof, impacting the entire nation with pre-foreclosure and foreclosure activity. Many of the major lenders will hold vast amounts of toxic foreclosures…and are on the edge of extinction. They are doing a wild spin into C-, D- and finally E- credit ratings – and that’s end-game.

This massive shift has created a huge opportunity for real estate investors in 2012. Now is the time to tap into this massive opportunity.

Do not ignore this opportunity or you may regret it for the rest of your life… your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

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