Freedomsoft released today at 12:07pm… precisely!

Like I told you Sunday, Freedom$oft is being released TODAY, & the FIRST 100 to take the free trial get a Virtual Assistant program as well as a shot at 1 on 1 coaching from Preston! (if it still says it on the page, you’re IN!) It’s a program you just hand to a VA and they’ll literally find deals for you. We’ve done this for years, and it WORKS!

 But WHAT is it?

Make More Money!

Make More Money!

Freedomsoft is a all-in-one, fully automated real estate buying and  selling machine. (yeah, you still have to “do stuff” of course but this makes it
SO much easier)

So rather than try to make a decision based on what you’ve heard, or what the page says, just GET IT NOW and decide later, lol!  It’s FREE to test drive so there’s NO excuse not to grab it, play with it, and USE IT to make some money this  month!

Here’s what it “does”…

– It gives you leads
– It analyzes your deals and tells you what to do with them
– It connects you to buyers for your deals
– It automates the documentation process from beginning to end
– It tracks and reports on your business
– It establishes you as a reputable real estate business online
– It follows up with your leads automatically.
– It talks to buyers and sellers for you.
– It manages and tracks direct mail campaigns for you.
-It gives you websites to drive your buyers and sellers to.

I could go on and on, but you really just need to try it for yourself. You  can do so for free if you hurry.

Click Here To Test Drive:

When this first came out (the older version) it was just under a grand… I think it sold for $997.00… and a LOT of people grabbed it and are still using it today.  Now it’s better, and much much cheaper! (thank the recession, lol!) Bottom line … many serious real estate investors already use this to run their real estate businesses. Anything less is uncivilized

I’ve used this software myself, and truly feel if you’re not already setup with websites, lead gen, a comp service and everything else above, you should get it. It WILL make you money, and it WILL make your life easier.

Your friend and fellow investor,


PS-. The bonuses end when the 1ooth person signs up for the test drive, so AGAIN, go now, think later, LOL!

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