Get the recognition YOU deserve!

Here’s a GREAT way to get public recognition for your real estate investing business!

Fast Company magazine is running a competition looking for the most influential people.  Everyone who signs up for the competition will be featured in the November issue.

Here’s what you have to do to get featured in the magazine…click on the link below and then when you get to my picture click on the blue button that says “Discover Your Influence.”

Click HERE Now to Get Your Influence!

Whoever thought of this contest at Fast Company is brilliant! It is also great branding for your real estate business because you can say in all of your marketing that you and your business were featured in “Fast Company” magazine.

In all seriousness, this helps build credibility with anybody you deal with from private lenders, sellers, buyers, etc…

This is why everyone uses “As Seen on TV” in all of their marketing. Now you can do the same.

Use it on:

1. Your websites and business cards
2. Your direct mail marketing
3. Private lender and buyer marketing materials

Click on the link below to check it out:

You will learn a lot about marketing in the process.


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