How Have We Helped You Invest in Real Estate?

Real Estate Investing Help

 How have I, or this site helped you? Since 2008 we have wrote real estate investing articles, posted videos in our “REI-TV” section, brought you lists of real estate investing clubs, sought discounts for our members on real estate investor training and spent literally hundreds of hours (and a load of cash) making this site a friendly place investors could come to learn.

Over the years a lot of people have sent “thank you’s” by email, posted comments on various real estate forums and called tp say “atta-boy”… and nothing makes me happier…

When I hear how we’ve helped “you” specifically, it not only makes us smile, but it also lets us know what we should do more of!  When REIO family members share the things they like about the site with us and others, we know whats working and whats not… so if we’ve helped you out in any way over the years, won’t you please share it?

Click here now to share how we’ve helped YOU!

Sure, it’s a little bit of selflish promotion as well (is selflish a word?) but I truly want to know what we’ve done right, so we can keep on doing it!

Your friend and fellow investor,



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