How Much Should I Offer On A Wholesale Real Estate Deal

This time, we are going to talk about wholesale deals . Wholesale deals are where people first cut their teeth in this business. They are the simplest deals . Basically, you find a deal and get some comps on the property . You will find out what other houses are being sold in similar locality. It is public record, and you can find this out at your local courthouse. So, find the deal, get your comps, and make the offer. However, there are time it is reversed . There are times that when you are talking to anyone , you can make the verbal offer right then and there to get the deal going . If you are done with your offer and it is verbally accepted, you can come back and get your comps and check out what the real value is. It’s called due diligence. It’s like doing your preparation and making sure you don’t get yourself in a hole. You need to do research at this period. Any deal without due diligence , comps, research, or checking things out can get you in big trouble . It is highly suggested to make offer first though , and get your numbers going so you don’t discarded time on dealing that you never get somewhere

Watch the video below to know more about how much should you offer on a wholesale real estate deal

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