How to build a cash buyer’s list…

Buyer's ListLearn “How to Build a Cash Buyer’s List”…

Tuesday night, August 16th is the next scheduled meeting of the REIO “Mogul Mastermind”… and the topic is “How to Build a Cash Buyer’s List“…

I’ll teach two major strategy types we use to find buyers, both the “hunting” and “fishing” methods and more… if you’re wholesaling, you need to have 10 strategies to find buyers, each bringing you one lead a week, not one way bringing you 10!

After I present the initial training session, like in every meeting, we’ll open the floor for any questions members have about anything business or real estate relayed… so if you need help with deals, advice about a contract, help choosing a niche, whatever it is, we’re here to help!  Of course, we want to hear from YOU too, so I hope you’re willing to share as well…

EVENT: Mastermind Call – Building a Cash Buyer’s List
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, August 16th at 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern, and 5:00pm Pacific.

FORMAT: Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice, and NOW with an Australian phone number for our outback friends!  We’re now international, with members in four countries!

I’d personally love to see you become a member and join us, not only on Tuesday’s call, but at ALL of our meetings and in our private email group (for 24/7 help and support) and as well. Jump in here, and join me and the MMM family Tuesday night:

I’m looking forward to talking to YOU!


PS-  Don’t forget, you can ask questions of me and the group to get help at ANY TIME, by sending an email to our private address…

PPS- If you’re not a member, you SHOULD BE… nobody succeeds in this business alone – get details and join us tomorrow night by going here:


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