How to Estimate Repair Costs as a Real Estate Investor

Estimate Repair CostHow does a real estate investor estimate repair cost to make offers,  wholesale houses, or evaluate for a rehab?

Would you like to be able to spend 10-15 minutes at a house, or get a list of repairs needed from another real estate investor or seller, and after 5-10 minutes with a calculator know how much the repairs will be on that property??

It’s easy once you’ve learned and done it a few times!

That’s our topic this coming Tuesday night September 20th on one of our three monthly live Mogul Mastermind calls!

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Here’s what a member sent me yesterday…

Dear Nick, This is just a quick note to let you know that joigning your membership site has been the best decision I have ever made. I had been to many seminars/bootcamps from almost all the national speakers ( Ron Legrand, Jeff Adams, Robert Allen, Jeff Kaller, Larry Goings……) and though I learned from all of them, there were still few missing links and I had some concerns that were not addressed and as a result I could not take any action. After watching your youtube videos, I decided to join your very affordable coaching program and within 3 weeks I had 3 deals that I am about to close and many more in the pipeline. Thanks for All your help and specially for the promptness of your replies. You are the BEST!        From Alpha”

Want that kind of help and results? It starts by getting involved!

Maybe join our Mogul+ Mastermind, where you can have live chat open on your phone or desktop with me “24/7”!

I’d LOVE to see you in either of our two mastermind levels… Mogul or Mogul+ either way by the end of the day Tuesday you’ll be close to an expert on how to estimate repair costs and be a better, smarter, better looking and more profitable investor!

Your friend and fellow investor,


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