How to find ALL the real estate investor bird dogs you need

This is THE most hands-off lead generation program I have EVER seen for real estate investors… it can LITERALLY be done by spending 10 minutes a day posting an ad a day on Craig’s List. How do I know? I USED the identical program and had over 100 bird dogs bringing me deals within a 2 week period of time!

There’s NO WAY to find bird dogs faster… realestatebirddog

Several years ago a friend had this made and gave me access… and within a couple of weeks we had bird dogs signing up and sending us lead after lead after lead.  Recently, he sold the software (for a HUGE amount) and the new owner has just made it public…

But before he released it, the new owner added a load of content to the program… so when we use it, we have to train all of the bird dogs, now after the bird dog registers, he is given all of the training he needs right inside of the program, lol.

If you are in the business and don’t have enough sellers, you’re just plain silly if you don’t find a way to get this… yes, I’m serious.

It’s that good.

Watch the video with details here:

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Seriously, you’d be crazy not to at least take a look at this. I was REALLY shocked when I saw that the software had been sold….

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