Learn how to wholesale a house… without breaking the bank!

Wholesaling a HouseTrying to learn how to wholesale a house?  Lately there’s been some BIG ticket real estate programs that have hit the market, all setup to teach newer investors how to wholesale a house for fast profits.

The real estate industry is booming right now if you know how to play this particular market… and those that do are CRUSHING IT!  Yeah, the media will tell you that there’s no buyers, you can’t get a loan, etc., but a house “wholesaler” is one who secures a contract to “tie up” a property, then “sells” (assigns) that contract to another investor. Part time investors can make a few thousand or more a month, and some full-time wholesalers and making as high as $100,000 a month a more!

It’s a real estate investor to real estate investor sale… and that market is BOOMING!  More simply put, some investors specialize in finding cheap properties, and others make their dough renovating and reselling.  It’s two separate niches that co-exist wonderfully and each depend on the other.

Lately there’s been some high ticket real estate programs released teaching newer investors how to be the wholesaler… how to learn to be the girl who finds the deal.  Most recently was Dean Graziosi’s “Rock Bottom Blueprint. (an excellent course, by the way!) It shows several ways how to wholesale a house, and other creative methods to make money in real estate.

However, there’s been plenty of disappointment from those who couldn’t afford the $1995.00 price-tag. (or the payment plan, for that matter) It’s worth the high price tag and more, but to some, it may have been ten times that amount… they just-could-not-do-it.

So to help ease the pain for those that have asked,  I went on a search to find a way you could learn how to wholesale a house without the high price tag… click here for a “how to wholesale video” and a surprise…

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie


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