It’s Graphitii! (great tool for your website)

If you’re a serious investor you have a website. You might have a handful… we have over 200, lol.

The way things are now, everyone is fighting over getting potential seller’s and buyer’s attention, and we have to go out of our way to make them STOP on our sites and take a look… a new software, Graphitii does just that! You can check it out here;

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by an image where one small corner or part of the image is moving like a video but the rest stands still? It’s called a cinemagraph… and we typically pay a LOT to have them made,or spend a couple of hours on Photoshop. Well “Graphitii ” makes them in minutes… over and over.

Whether you sell them, make them for ppl for $50 each, use them on your site or whatever, you should take a look because it’s going to be something like $67 or $97 a MONTH but right now you’ll only make one small payment for a LIFETIME license… yeah no poop! One payment and you own it.

Seriously, some day you’ll wish you had it, lol. Get it here; .
Also there’s a bonus you’ll get of a free customized header banner image for your Facebook or YouTube channel too. Groovy? Groovy!



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