A Jingle Bell Gift For You!

How to Talk to Sellers…

Listen to this replay of last week’s call and several MORE as well! Merry Christmas, Happy

Holidays, and may 2013 be your best year yet!

Our topic for this week’s call was “How to Talk to Sellers!” We covered the types of sellers we’re looking for, how to overcome objections and answer their questions, how to setup an appointment or get a contract signed over the phone, and much much more! Too many of us struggle when it comes time to talk to a seller… and without knowing how to do this the right way, all of our marketing time and expense is wasted!

Enjoy this as my gift…  this call gave a lot of ideas on how to “GET THE DEAL”, and was geared somewhat towards talking to sellers by phone! On our 2nd call in January (we have TWO LIVE CALLS A MONTH!) we’ll continue on with this “thought”, but go more into the home visit!

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And here’s the replay:


Listen to the recording of a great call we had with Richard Odessey, he taught us to find private money:

Here’s the replay of a call where Mitch Stephen shares how he uses notes to create a huge stream of cashflow:


Here’s the replay of a past call when I interviewed Jack Bosch. Jack flips raw LAND, and teaches us how;



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