Justin Lee, Using Interns in Your Business!

Using Interns in Your BusinessThis Wednesday evening Mogul mastermind members will be treated to a educational training call with my friend Justin Lee! Justin has a system he uses in his business where he hires college interns to work for/with him side by side in his real estate investing business…

The best part of the program, is they are unpaid interns so they work for free! However, don’t let that kid you, they’re knocking down his door to work for him because he gives them real-world business experience, and a REAL job to list on their resume. He’s created a program that is a “win-win” for all involved… and will be sharing it and answering questions LIVE on Wednesday with our Mogul Mastermind members!

Mogul Mastermind Members have been sent a link to join us by phone (including a Skype option) or online… we’ll see you Wednesday!

Here’s a preview of what Justin will be talking about on Wednesday… check this out, not only is the content excellent, but the cartoon delivery is top knotch! (just click here and watch, lol!)

If you’re not a member and you want to learn about Justin and how he gets people almost begging to work for him for free, simply join us before the call… you KNOW you want to! (you’ll also get access to 2 MORE live training calls/month, a private email help line, a live chat, and more!)

Click here now to become a member!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie


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