Keep it personal… notes from Dwan Bent-Twyford

This is part of an email that was sent to a mastermind I am a part of  from a  good friend in the business, Dwan Bent-Twyford… Dwan has invested full time for over 20 years. Her and her husband Bill Twyford are two of the best in the business, and if you can ever pick their brains, you’d be foolish not to!  dwan


Here’s the excerpt —-  edited a bit,  it is in response to someone who asked how to find deals in this economy…


(Start Email)

…we stayed tried and true to our real estate investing roots and core beliefs…we door knocked the entire  country, worked hand-in-hand with students and built an army of successful investors…


If you are truly an actual real estate investor who cares about the HOMEOWNERS there has NEVER  been any other way than face-to-face “situations”. These people need YOU and they need to feel respected and they need help.


Get back to basics gang…be the solution for these homeowners and you wont have to worry about leads or your business slowing down.


…..the homeowners in foreclosure are just regular people, with regular problems, with regular computers, with regular phones..who just want to see a friendly face….


just be the friendly face….


…it should take no longer than 90 seconds to qualify a homeowner as a lead and you can have someone else do that for you and then YOU work with the person personally and help them while making money for yourself..hey but what do I know..I’ve only been doing this for 20 years…




(End Email)


That’s some GREAT STUFF!  If you only read it once, take a minute NOW and read it again.  It’s priceless.




PS- I interviewed Dwan a while ago, here’s a link to listen to it. There’s a LOT of great free real estate investor training in it… check it out by clicking here ——>>>   Nick’s interview with Dwan Bent-Twyford.



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